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Net neutrality violations ceased after AKVorrat intervention – data volumes increased up to 17-fold


On 5 October, AKVorrat filed a complaint against mobile operator Hutchison Drei based on Drei's violations of net neutrality principles. Now the operator has given in and stopped the offending practice. At the same time, Drei has more than quadrupled data volumes included in its data plans, and in some cases has even increased them 17-fold. This shows that net neutrality is beneficial to service operators as well as customers, even though the telecoms industry would rather ignore the new net neutrality provisions in EU law.

Throttling prohibited: AKVorrat files first complaint for infringement of net neutrality

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New EU rules regarding net neutrality are being brought to use for the first time by AKVorrat. By filing a complaint with the telecom regulator RTR the Austrian NGO, which is representing several users, has documented illegal discrimination of Internet services by the mobile provider Hutchison Drei in Austria.

How we saved the Internet in Europe

This summer, the EU established strong net neutrality protections for its citizens. After three years of fierce negotiations a broad coalition of activists, journalists, media associations, academics, librarians and startups brought about the enshrinement in law of the principles that make the Internet the free ecosystem of innovative ideas we know today. After the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, India and now the European Union have established similar laws to protect the Internet’s openness, we may be witnessing a global trend.

Response to 5G Manifesto in BEREC consultation on Net Neutrality

AKVorrat has co-drafted several responses in the public consultation for the new EU net neutrality rules. Our main positions are outlined in the policy analysis co-drafted with European Digital Rights (EDRi). But we also wanted to respond to a recent, particularly nasty attack on net neutrality from the telecom industry.

Net neutrality activists personally deliver 100,000 comments to EU Regulators’ headquarters

Yesterday, activists from delivered over 100,000 comments from concerned citizens right to the doorstep of BEREC, the body of EU telecoms regulators located in Riga, the Latvian capital. Their message: protect the open internet with strong, meaningful net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality advocates make final push as EU consultation enters last week

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With over 93,000 comments and counting, EU telecom regulators' consultation on net neutrality has received unprecedented attention from concerned EU citizens. The campaign is making a final push this week in a bid to reach 100,000 comments.

Thousands of sites protest European Union’s proposed Internet slow lanes

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More than 7,000 websites protest with a slow loading icon based on the EU flag, to demand that European Union regulator BEREC get serious about net neutrality. Their campaign has already helped over 50.000 users take action and respond to BEREC's  consultation.  The “EU Slowdown” protest runs until July 18th consultation deadline.