Orwell’s Wallet: European electronic identity system leads us straight into surveillance capitalism


In June 2021 the European Commission launched a reform of the 2014 eIDAS Regulation to overhaul Europe’s framework for electronic identity (eID) systems. This ambitious reform tries to create a counterbalance to the widespread login systems of Google, Facebook and Apple, as well as to provide widely-adopted eID systems for eGovernment and eCommerce applications to the population.


eIDAS 2.0 – Beispiellose Risiken für die Privatsphäre

Am 6. Dezember 2022 wird der Rat der Europäischen Union seinen General Approach zur Reform der eIDAS-Verordnung annehmen. Epicenter.works hat den Text erhalten und warnt eindringlich vor den beispiellosen Risiken und Unzulänglichkeiten des neuen elektronischen Identitätssystems der EU. Die jeweilige Version der Mitgliedsstaaten dieser wichtigen Reform schafft ein gefährliches und unkontrolliertes Umfeld für die sensiblen Gesundheits-, Finanz- und Identitätsdaten aller Europäer:innen.


eIDAS 2.0 – Unprecedented Risk for Privacy

On 6. December 2022 the Council of the European Union will adopt its General Approach to the reform of the eIDAS regulation. Epicenter.works has obtained the text and issues a strong warning about the unprecedented risk and shortcomings of the new electronic identity system of the EU. The member-states-version of this important reform creates a dangerous and uncontrolled environment for the sensitive health, financial and identity data of all Europeans.


Analysis of 5th eIDAS compromise from Czech Council Presidency


The trend of the Czech Presidency that first became apparent with the third compromise text continues. Industry interests are ranked above fundamental rights concerns of citizens. We see a further eroding of safeguards previously introduced by the Commission and French Presidency. This will make trilogue more difficult, as we observe the opposite trend in the ongoing negotiations of the lead ITRE committee where data protection safeguards have been strengthened in the last compromise texts by the rapporteur.