Donations FAQ

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For what purpose does need donations?

Since our formation (as AKVorrat) in the year 2010, our members worked countless hours pro bono in order to strengthen basic rights in the digital age. We composed position papers and statements to laws and as experts we are invited to hearings in parliaments and other decision making panels. We give talks, organise campaigns, develop new ways of participation in political processes, file complaints at the authorities and also at high courts to ensure our rights (as for example our lawsuit against data retention which the European Court of Justice ruled in our favour). We are very successful, especially considering the small size of our organisation. But even if the majority of the work was done pro bono, we need permanent employees. We have to extend our professional structures in order to keep up with the increasing challenges in politics and to defend against the attacks on our basic and freedom rights.

How is my donation used?

Since 2014 we publish our annual >>report of transparency. We try hard to minimize the costs for administration, staff, and travels so that the majority of the donations are used for purposes defined in our statutes, public relations, public actions and campaigns, and scientific studies.

On which topics are you currently working?

In April 2018 the surveillance package was passed in parliament against massive resistance from the civil society and incisive criticism from the opposition. We were able to sensitise the public for this topic and we also achieved several improvements at specific regulations. But altogether the surveillance package remains a ticking time bomb that endangers our free and open society. Only lawsuits at the Austrian Constitutional Court will be able to defuse that bomb. We are always ready to participate in such lawsuits. Further important topics are the defence of net neutrality in Europe and the continuous examination of new drafts for laws in the areas of digitalisation and (technical) surveillance with regard to their compatibility with our basic rights. In order to accomplish these tasks and continue to offer effective resistance, we need support. Please become a >>supporting member today!

What are the chances for your political work in times of mass surveillance and with the current government?

Especially when freedom rights are threatened like today, a civil society with focus on democracy is vital. is in perpetual contact with net-political communities in other countries. Together it is possible to influence the zeitgeist against global surveillance and in favour of freedom, even though this will be a long struggle. "Who fights may lose. Who doesn't fight has already lost." (Bertolt Brecht). Every single person can get engaged and will then be able to say: "I was a part of it."

What do I get when I donate?

If you support our work, you can rest assured that we will continue to fight for our basic rights on the internet and contribute to the public discourse with all available means. We pay a lot of attention to the laws planned by the government. The civil society needs a strong voice against surveillance and restrictions on the internet. Freedom will not defend itself. You can come out of the defensive and become part of an active civil society.

I want to be mentioned as a donor - is that possible?

If you want to make your donation visible to provide an active signal, please send us an email with Name, amount, means of payment, and date of your donation and we will publish this on our list of donors. Optionally you can also send us a logo and a URL to link to, as well as a sentence starting with "I am supporting because ..."

Do donations from company cause a conflict of interest?

We counter this problem by making sure to have a good mix of several sources of funds. That way we remain independent of single donors. Donors may never influence the content of the work of Credibility is more valuable to us than money. For this reason, the general assembly has agreed to the following rule regarding the limit of company donations:

Paid services of the association to companies and company donations must not exceed 30% total (and per single company 7.5%) of the annual budget of Additional payments require the approval of the general assembly. Paid services for companies and company donations do not influence the focus of the work of

Are donations to tax-deductible?

At the moment sadly no, because the purpose of the association does not fall under § 4a Abs. 2 EStG and § 37 of the "Bundesabgabenordnung". More information about tax-deductability of donations in Austria can be found >>here.

Will I receive a confirmation of the donation?

Yes. Please send us an email with your name and address, amount, and date of the donation. You will receive an electronic confirmation of the donation. Please note the above question about tax-deductability.

Is it possible to donate for a specific purpose?

The effort to administrate appropriated donations is considerable and they also restrict the association's ability to react quickly to political developments. For this reason we cannot accept the dedication of donations.

Do you also accept donations in kind?

Basically yes, but only by prior arrangement.

Donations aside - in what other ways can I help?

You can support us with pro bono work. You can find more information >>here.

Stay informed and subscribe to our >>newsletter, follow us on >>Twitter and >>Facebook  

, and most importantly: Tell your friends and family about us!


Declaration of data protection

When you donate, we store the data that are necessary for the completion of the payment. The basis for this is the contractual relationship of donation according to Art 6 Abs 1 lit b DSGVO. We are obligated by law to store your data, for example to notify the revenue office of high donations (§ 121a BAO) and for our tax purposes (§ 131 BAO). We also transfer the data to our tax consultant Examina Steuerberatungs GmbH & Co KG. We store the data as long as legally required. After that your data will be deleted.

Your data will also be processed by the payment provider that you chose (PayPal, Flattr, mPay24, bank transfer, SEPA). These companies have their own data protection and privacy regulations. We endeavour to accomplish an optimisation of the data protection standards by these payment providers exceeding the legally required minimum.

The registered association (ZVR: 140062668) is responsible for the processing of the data. You can contact the data protection officer via mail to You have the right to information by the data protection official about your personal data as well as correction or deletion, or restriction of the processing as well as the right to data portability. You can revoke your permission at any time. In that case please send a message to You also have the right to complain at the supervisory authority. Our full declaration of data protection can be found here.

Your question is not answered here? Please send us an email at or write us on Twitter, Facebook or Mastodon.