A big team

Our effort would not be possible without the work of many volunteers involved. Our network consists of many people who volunteer for fundamental and freedom rights in the digital age. They must be mentioned before we introduce the core team.

Thomas Lohninger (@socialhack)

thomas.lohninger <AT>

Fingerprint: 1B79 2E14 2E31 0E7E 2742 3990 BE16 D613 7FC1 9312

was a programmer and anthropologist in his former life. Digital rights had been his hobby until he intensively accompanied the EU Net Neutrality Act as Policy Advisor for European Digital Rights. Thomas was one of the driving forces behind the campaign and has a strong work focus on net neutrality, data protection, and mass surveillance. Since 2010 he has played an active part at and since 2014 he is the managing director of the association. He also writes on, is a regular guest in the Podcast Logbuch:Netzpolitik and is involved in the Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. (digital society club).


Angelika Adensamer (@abendsommer)

angelika.adensamer <AT>

Fingerprint: C443 3438 192C DD80 42FE E090 29B2 1A6C 82B7 D505

As a lawyer and criminologist, she deals primarily with criminal policy, police surveillance, and the preservation of fundamental rights in these areas. Since May 2018 she is a member of the Data Protection Council. Through her work she tries to raise awareness that security and freedom do not contradict each other, but that they are not possible without each other. She has contributed publications on the police state protection law, the right of assembly and the new public enemies paragraph. She strengthens the team of as Policy Advisor.


Iwona Laub (@iwonalaub)

iwona.laub <AT>

Fingerprint: 85E7 7292 53B6 AFBD 3F25 0EDE 48B0 6591 7594 A3E5

Despite her initial studies in Media Informatics, she preferred to focus on communications instead and worked in one of the country's first social media agencies, before moving to the journalistic sideline of an Austrian daily newspaper. After a few years of self-employment in the PR industry, she wants to actively contribute to' commitment to a fair digital future for Austria and Europe.


Bernhard Hayden (@burnoutberni)

bernhard.hayden <AT>

Fingerprint: 269D D855 11A9 E06D A8FC 9C31 D5BC 191C 013C C7D6

has been involved in digital rights since his early years. He initially volunteered at the Network Freedom Initiative before gaining initial public relations experience in the European Parliament. As president of the youth umbrella organization Young Pirates of Europe, Bernhard designed youth participation projects in the field of digital rights with a focus on copyright, including the campaign. In addition to his role as Communications Manager at, he studies International Migration and is part of the SALTO / Erasmus + Think Tank on Youth Participation.


Tanja Mally (@TanjaMally)

tanja.mally <AT>

Fingerprint: 9FEE 7E03 0712 AF51 39D8 93AB 296C 0017 6840 96CE

spent most of her professional life in the media industry. Since 2014 she supports charitable institutions with her experience in networking and partner management. As an attentive citizen with a pronounced sense of justice, her fundamental rights are particularly important to her. Tanja is responsible for the fundraising at as well as the support of the steadily growing number of cooperation partners. Solid funding and strong allies are the foundation of the successful work of our organization.


Andreas Czák (@Sonstwer)

Andreas Czák-Foto

andreas.czak <AT>

Fingerprint: 009C F584 C95B 61A6 82FF DBBD DB12 7891 BC81 D478

has been a campaigner at since 2015 (at that time still AKVorrat). He had been interested in digital rights and surveillance long before his studies in business informatics with a focus on IT security. His social involvement became apparent as a teenager, where, together with his sisters, he became leader of a scout group.
After various jobs as an administrator in medium to large companies, he started his NGO career at ATTAC Austria in 2015, where he helped to shape the Austrian campaign and the protests against TTIP and CETA. Afterwards he came to AKVorrat and, after working voluntarily, he is now a fixed part of the office & campaign team. Whether in the fight against the state protection law, the "Bundestrojaner" (federal trojan), or for the maintenance of net neutrality, with joy and commitment, in joint actions, he helps to point out problems to people and deficits to politics.


Hanna Prykhodzka

hanna.prykhodzka <AT>

Fingerprint: 2A78 C2EE F8AB 4B53 673E EC7A F4FD 601A 86A9 A3B9

studies media science and researches everything that is at the interface between man and machine. She is right in the middle of the digitized world and is committed to keeping it safe and secure. She is all fired up about everything democratic and focuses especially on Copyright / upload filters at Beautiful things to look at are her passion, and she uses them for social media content or for photos for


Marlene Kreil

marlene.kreil <AT>

Fingerprint: B0BF C50B B56C 42AB 9609 CBD7 F058 FCAD F8F6 F4C4

is a lawyer and is studying Political Science at the University of Vienna. Her great interest in fundamental and human rights prompted her to become involved with as a legal trainee since October 2018. She is primarily involved in the preparation of the new edition of HEAT (Handbook for the Evaluation of Anti-Terror Laws). Prior to joining, she worked as an asylum counselor.


Cornelia Hoffmann

cornelia.hoffmann <AT>

Fingerprint: 4841 53A3 176C ED3E D9B7 EB2B FA94 BABC A690 123A

is a historian and lawyer. As a historian, she knows that fundamental rights have been hard-won and as a lawyer, the use of data protection and fundamental rights are important to her. She enriches both through legal work and in communication projects.


Benedikt Gollatz

benedikt.gollatz <AT>

Fingerprint: 0892 5E6F B231 6374 4B05 0331 E7FF 8355 D2A2 D0E6

is entrusted with the administration of the technical infrastructure and the IT security of the association, as well as with technical, scientific, and skeptical questions.