A big team

Our effort would not be possible without the work of many volunteers involved. Our network consists of many people who volunteer for fundamental and freedom rights in the digital age. They must be mentioned before we introduce the core team.

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Thomas Lohninger (@socialhack)

thomas.lohninger <AT>

Fingerprint: 1B79 2E14 2E31 0E7E 2742 3990 BE16 D613 7FC1 9312

was a programmer and anthropologist in his former life. Digital rights had been his hobby until he intensively accompanied the EU Net Neutrality Act as Policy Advisor for European Digital Rights. Thomas was one of the driving forces behind the campaign and has a strong work focus on net neutrality, data protection, and mass surveillance. Since 2010 he has played an active part at and since 2014 he is the managing director of the association. He also writes on, is a regular guest in the Podcast Logbuch:Netzpolitik and is involved in the Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. (digital society club).


Tanja Mally (@TanjaMally)

tanja.mally <AT>

Fingerprint: 9FEE 7E03 0712 AF51 39D8 93AB 296C 0017 6840 96CE

spent most of her professional life in the media industry. Since 2014, she has supported charitable institutions with her experience in networking and partner management. As an attentive citizen with a pronounced sense of justice, her fundamental rights are particularly important to her. Tanja is the Managing Director of, with additional responsibility for fundraising as well as the support of the steadily growing number of cooperation partners. Solid funding and strong allies are the foundation of the successful work of our organization.


Iwona Laub (@iwonalaub)

iwona.laub <AT>

Fingerprint: 0B16 EE29 AD00 10ED 1B66 35BA 5E99 5434 777A 4308

Despite her initial studies in Media Informatics, she preferred to focus on communications instead and worked in one of the country's first social media agencies, before moving to the journalistic sideline of an Austrian daily newspaper. After a few years of self-employment in the PR industry, she wants to actively contribute to' commitment to a fair digital future for Austria and Europe.


Lisa Seidl

lisa.seidl <AT>

Fingerprint: D2F7 1977 E523 785C 4BBE 8835 731C 3C16 E224 41C4

works as a policy advisor in the team. As a lawyer and former journalist, she has worked in the fields of compliance, data protection, copyright and public relations – always with a focus on fundamental rights. She aims to widen access to laws and legal issues, which is the basis for enforcing these rights. To this end, clear and simple language is necessary.




Benedikt Gollatz

benedikt.gollatz <AT>

Fingerprint: 0892 5E6F B231 6374 4B05 0331 E7FF 8355 D2A2 D0E6

is entrusted with the administration of the technical infrastructure and the IT security of the association, as well as with technical, scientific, and skeptical questions.