Anyone can point at a complex problem with technical policy and say, 'Something must be done!' It's not enough to do something - we must do something good. That's where Epicenter.works comes in: they unpack the complex, intersecting forces at the heart of the problem and produce proposals that are both effective and technical.

Cory Doctorow
Author, Blogger

epicenter.works has been smart, strong and incredibly effective in the European battle for Net Neutrality – and they are ahead of the game on what's next.

Tim Wu
Professor at Columbia Law School, coined the phrase "Net Neutrality"

epicenter.works is worth being supported because they research important information, inform the general public and bring alternative political ideas into discussion.

Constanze Kurz
Spokesperson Chaos Computer Club

If we are the renewable resource of the 21st century, then high quality standards in data protection become more and more important. It is good to know, that with epicenter.works we have an organisation from the civil society, which has made exactly this as their goal. Congratulations to your 10th birthday.

Caspar Einem (2021 †)
Former Austrian Minister of the Interior and Science

The work of epicenter.worksis essential for data protection in Austira. This organization is a loud voice of civil society.

Max Schrems
Privacy Advocate and Founder of NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights

We need a transparent state instead of transparent citizens. Civil society has a big role to play in protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms online. Epicenter.works is a pioneer in this field. They are competent, committed and know how to mobilize. I wish them continued success!

Matthias Strolz
Founding member and former chairman NEOS

Today, we're living our live digitally. If we want our society to be open and free, then our digital spaces need to be open and free as well. epicenter.works is a vital force in keeping our basic liberties.

Katherine Maher
Former Executive Director Wikimedia Foundation